Villasimius: September 23 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

We were up and organized earlier than has been customary for us on this trip. We had breakfast and were away before 9; a record, whoopee! The bike parking at the La Favorita is excellent, but presents some challenges from the way it is constructed; a narrow ramp, with a railing on one side and a concrete wall on the other, leading up to an ample (for motos) pad. The issue this morning was that we put the bags on the bike in the parking area then rode down the ramp which had, by the time we left, been partially blocked by a car parked in the alley….this made things even tighter for the obligatory 90 degree turn on the 10% slope of the alley. Ethel watched as I eased the bike out and said no worries there must have been, at least, 2 or 3 mm to spare. The GOOD NEWS this morning is that it SEEMS that the weather may be changing; it’s cooler, less humid, less hazy and there is a mild but steady breeze blowing from the north. Riding down SS125 was a real pleasure….except for the several near goat collisions. No harm no foul; no goats were harmed in the making of this trip (so far). A note about the roads; the roads we’ve selected (sometimes using on the trip have been great and although, at least by Sardinian standards, SS125 has had comparable ratings, it is a supreme motorbike road. We clearly didn’t count the turns, but we didn’t get above 4th gear for over 30 miles. God, I wish I could take this road home with me. We stopped for coffee after a couple of hours and Ethel spied a sign for a castle so we did some exploring, ended up on a dirt road (not too bad Alex ;-) and made it almost to the top of the hill, but, when the road turned to a goat path, Ethel did the honors and walked the final leg to check out the ancient structure, which was, by anyone’s measure, just a rock pile. The views were great from up there and she grabbed a few pix which look better than most we’ve tried to take of the landscape since arriving in Sardinia; mostly, we think, due to the dust in the air caused by the Sirocco. The road opened up considerably after the castle and we made good time for another hour or so then stopped for a light lunch. We then followed the coast road on into Villasimius, a seemingly low key beach resort town,where we located a hotel and set up camp by the pool for a while. The place was somewhat remote from “the centro” so we were pleased that they had a restaurant in the hotel; perhaps not up to par with some of our other stops, but it was a nice Italian meal. It was then time to “check the roadbook” for the next day and off to bed.