Su Gologone : September 20 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

Didn’t sleep too well last night as the air conditioner went off in our room sometime in the early morning hours: after that it was just too hot to go back to sleep. With doors and windows open we got a little shuteye towards get’n up time, but started the day behind the eight ball. Our plan for the day evolved by the hour and by 10 o’clock we’d decided to stay at a very nice hotel in the same general area; just down the road actually, ride locally without our bags and plan for visiting a festival in the nearby town for Sunday. After the plan was, more or less, “set in stone”, we dropped our bags off (at the new hotel) and hit the road. Lots of scooters out today; weekend warriors I suppose and they were on the gas. There was a nice lunch at a place in the shade that pulled us in from the road and after a light, but pleasing meal, we rode a steep series of switch backs leading to the top of the local mountain; nothing to speak of up there, just to test ourselves against another mountain I suppose. We rode a circle of about 150 miles and made a number of stops which allowed us time to get back to the hotel (Su Gologone) take a swim (which felt sooo great) and relax a while before dinner. It was then, relaxing, when we realized that we had forgotten to turn the tracker on today so; no track today. Our hotel, quite a bit fancier than we normally choose, is really a lovely old place and is really into art; many of the rooms have original pieces from “known” (by those familiar with art one would presume) artists. The dinner was traditional and delicious; try though we may, if’s difficult to restrict one’s appetite with this “Sardo Food”.