Roccaraso: September 29 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

We got away around 9AM this morning and first thing forgot to get gas which we remembered after we were well down the road….never mind there are always gas stations when you need them. For some reason, that we’ve not yet been able to explain the route sent us to a major road soon after we left Rieti so we opted out and chose a very small almost primitive road which paralleled the route for at least 50km. It was well down this road that we began to question the premise that there are always gas stations when you need them and the bike’s gauge was not encouraging, but as we rounded the corner in a very small village, there it was. We filled up and continued our parallel route for most of the morning until we finally got back onto the track using a small road around midday. The country side had been very green most of the morning, but became even more so as we climbed into the mountains. We stopped for lunch in a small family restaurant just before entering the Gole Di Sagittario (rocky gorge) on the road to Scanno. This was quite picturesque and the road was very tight. The towns we passed through after lunch as we climbed took on the appearance of ski resorts although we didn’t see very many lifts. We’d picked an end point for the day from the Lonely Planet and were a bit disappointed as the old city was small and the hotels there were closed for the season. We backtracked some in search of a place to light and ended up in Roccaraso; another ski town with what looked like more hotels than private residences, but they were all closed. We finally found one and grabbed a room which had some good moto parking and took off for some dinner only to find that all of the restaurants were also closed. It seems to us that these towns are between seasons; summer stuff is over and winter hasn’t begun yet. At any rate these villages are like ghost towns. We stopped in at a bar, got a snack and a glass of wine and headed back to the hotel. We’re think’n we’ll head to the low land tomorrow.