OLiena : September 19 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

The fellows who work in our "monastery" hotel (Alghero) have, over these last couple of days,  become good friends and in addition to giving us some really great dining recommendations, have generally looked after us: it may be the grandparent thing again, but whatever is was/is, we've appreciated their kindnesses. As a parting shot one of them, also a moto rider, asked what our route was for today and when I told him he said....."well, it's OK... but you should really take this road, then that road, then this road, etc." until he'd laid out a whole new approach for the day's ride...end point was the same he just wanted us to enjoy his favorite roads. We changed our route in the GPS and said our goodbyes and were on our way. It was a funny weather morning; foggy, misty, hazy, humid, hot, with occasional rain; basically uncomfortable feeling and totally fouling the visors. Despite this, it was a really nice ride down the coast to Bosa and just as promised, a good road. We worked our way inland and soon let the Garmin take over with the small road selection again. We passed through some really small towns and down some tiny roads....I wondered if we'd offend someone (trespass) and see the business end of a Lupara before we got outta there, but all was well. We headed for a town called Orgosolo where we'd been advised we could see some interesting murals; and indeed we did. Graffiti styled characatures depicting many of the 20th century's large events; quite artistic actually, but somewhat lost on us as we don't read Italian. Continuing on our track into the small town of Oliena we ended up, once again, riding up and down a series of, what Ethel likes to call, handlebar width streets. It's all good fun actually, especially if you don't meet another vehicle, but it's easy to become totally lost (without the GPS) as they are laid out like a maze. We, eventually, exited the maze and found our way to a lovely rural farm where Ethel had booked a room for us.