Cannes: October 16-17 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

I woke this AM around 4 with a nasty intestinal upset…didn’t get much sleep after that. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring much in the way of meds for this, but used what we had. I got some breakfast down and considered holding off a day our return to Cannes, but I seemed to feel better so we opted to go for it. By the time we had the bike loaded and were headed down the road I did feel better so we thought it was a good decision to move on. The scenery was great and although it was a bit cool we were perfectly comfortable. We arrived at Jausiers and thought we might like to stay here on another trip (that’s how plans start) then headed up the Col de la Bonette which is a very impressive mountain. It was definitely chilly up there; around 6C (approximately 42F) with a stiff breeze. We spied a large raptor circling above us, but couldn’t identify it. We’ve been on this mountain two previous times and in each instance it’s been rather crowded (with cyclists and moto folks) at the peak, but today we had it to ourselves. We grabbed some coffee and some fizzy water when we got to the bottom and then headed to the Route de Napoleon. As good as the scenery was today we still prefer the second to last day and are giving it the best scenery of the ride award. By the time we got to the Napoleon route we were (a little past) hungry so stopped for a snack and I wasn’t feeling so well. Started down this great stretch of road where the traffic generally moves at a good pace, I was not feeling so much like keeping up, but we proceeded steadily on until about a 1/2 hour out of Cannes when I had to stop to rest. After 15 minutes or so I felt better so we went on in, but by the time we reached the hotel (my navigational skills were a bit lacking so we had to make a couple of tries before we nailed it) I felt like I was crawling across the finish line at a marathon (been there and know about that too). We unloaded, got the bike stashed and went up to our room where I promptly took a shower and crashed. Ethel ordered something from room service and we called it a day. A GREAT ride despite not feeling up to par!