Cala Gonone Again: Sept 25 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

We had a light breakfast with our hosts who tried diligently to breach the linguistic barriers that separated us. They are nice folks who are proud Italians working hard to develop a good business. We loaded the bike in the underground parking and took off in a light rain. The deserted town (it was around 8AM) was shining and lovely in the rain. After some one way street navigation, we quickly found ourselves on another classic Sardinian mountain road heading north. It continued to rain for about an hour, then the clouds began to breakup and we had periods of sunlight more clearly revealing the dense vegetation in the area; almost a jungle so it must rain there often. We continued on for an hour or so and when passing through a small village were reminded of the traction differential between asphalt and that of the broad white lines (like crosswalks) painted on the roadway. The road was still wet from the rain and we were making a slow (30kpm) turn in the town crossing one of those white painted stripes when we lost traction; the rear tire slipped just enough to give us a good start, but just short of bringing us to grief. A sobering reminder that we’re on two wheels and it was still wet. After filling the bike with gas and resuming our path northward the country started to open up and, for a while, the roads became straight. We had put a waypoint (in the GPS) near a archeological site we wanted to visit; Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, a ± 1500 BCE ruin consisting of circular interlocking buildings. It is reported to be the most preserved structure of its type. We took a guided (unfortunately in Italian) tour revealing the interior design of the structure then slipped across the street for some spaghetti. We visited the museum and took a ride up on the mountain where a herd of native horses (wild cavallini) were reported to roam; we were invited to enter and search on foot for the beasts, but declined as we had now burned about 3 hours of daylight at this stop and felt the need to press on. The road ahead was definitely not straight and we spent the next 4.5 hours riding the kind of road folks back home pine for; most of it was 3rd and 4th gear, but some tightened up further. It was glorious, but I admit I was exhausted when we arrived “home” at the Hotel La Favorita around 7PM. We had a lovely seafood dinner at the seaside restaurant then crashed.