Alghero : September 16-18 - jayrose

2014 France / Italy Ride Continued

We slept well on the ferry, but were abruptly awoken early by an undecipherable audio which we  interpreted as a signal to get going. After pulling on our riding gear we went up for some breakfast. This ship, as ferries go, was clean and organized and the galley was no exception. The motos were the last to load last night so expectedly we were among the first to be called to the vehicle deck this morning. Leaving the ferry went smoothly and we headed in a  northerly direction until we spied a Bar (coffee spot) where we stopped to make our plan for the day. Shortly, five bikers from Germany, who were also on the ship, stopped with the same intent. Using a combination of our map, the routes and the Garmin input we selected a route for the day with our projected end point of Alghero. As has been our experience on this trip, the Garmin tends to send us on some interesting LITTLE roads which got pretty small at times, but the route, including the sporty riding on the BBR tracks was stellar. Once we reached the coast, we stopped at the Pescadore, a beach front (actually on the beach) eatery where we had a nice lunch. We then proceeded on to our destination and searched out the old city where Ethel had read about a small hotel that sounded interesting. The traffic was fairly heavy so I found a "temporary" parking place and stayed with the bike while Ethel hiked into the city where she found the hotel and secured a room for the night. It was a very interesting place; actually part of a church (the rooms on the floor above ours house the monks); it was easy to imagine how there might have been a partnership between the hotel and the church to save the old structure in exchange for establishing a lodging place. We got moved in and to up the ante, the hotel manager threw in a beautiful parking place for the bike, then recommended a place to eat which turned out to be quite memorable. It featured traditional Sardinian dishes including donkey and horse steak, but we ordered pork roast; it was exotically prepared and delicious. We seemed to enjoy Alghero and really liked our hotel so decided to stay an extra day which we spent wandering around, having a lazy lunch and taking a rest in the afternoon. In the evening our host had another restaurant recommendation so we headed out for "another night on the town" and another delicious meal; this time fish. We had checked with a travel agency in the PM and found out that the ferry we had thought we'd take to Sicily was fully booked and as they only sail once a week, decided to alter our plans to exclude the other island, instead heading back to the mainland in a week or so and going on further south. Later in the evening I got an email from Apple saying that the latest iOS update for the iPad was ready for download and I did what every aspiring geek would do; downloaded and installed. Big mistake, the new update doesn't support iPhoto/journal-projects so we lost a day's worth of stuff and although the material already posted is secure on Apple's server it is no longer editable nor transferable to another server; screwed in a manner of speaking. Can't blame Apple; I now have learned that they warned of this back in June. So...late into the night and early the next morning I spent researching other apps that we might use; finally chose Smugmug where we already have an account, but only to store photos; so I started studying. When Ethel woke up we discussed/decided on staying another day while we attempted to get the journal back on track and by late afternoon the project was beginning to take shape again; due in no small measure, to the the great support staff at the Smugmug site.  To access the first half of the journal, go to This Link.